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Avvenire Electric Vehicles International Corp. (Avvenire) is dedicated to emerging as a global leader in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, driven by a mission to develop the next generation of cutting-edge, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable holistic transportation solutions. The Avvenire Series encompasses a comprehensive lineup of groundbreaking personal mobility vehicles, ranging from ebikes to electric cars to electric flying vehicles. All vehicles within the series will incorporate innovative technologies, solar panels and advanced battery management systems provided by IONIX.


At Avvenire, we live by the core philosophy that the gap between now and what is to come in e-vehicle technology is bridged by imagination. The Avvenire Series was designed with a connected, accessible future in mind.

These futuristic, electric vehicles are being built to the specifications of tomorrow, to redefine mobility with cutting-edge technology in all our designs. Whether you’re going out on a bike ride, or if you’re hopping into your autonomous, flying vehicle, the Avvenire Series will propel you into a safer, greener, and more efficient future. With Avvenire, get tomorrow today!


about the project

Avvenire Electric Vehicles Corp. continues to be forward-thinking, combining vision, practical engineering, and design experience.  The next chapter of Avvenire’s evolution and growth includes the introduction of the Avvenire Series – an innovative suite of ‘covered’ electric vehicles designed to facilitate an economical, environmentally friendly, and easy ride for the user while providing protection from the elements.  Avvenire Electric Vehicles Corp. will be the first to provide emission-free transportation solutions in product categories that include Micro-Mobility, Recreation, Electric Cars, Ebikes, and even Flying Vehicles .The Foras (Recumbent Bike), Tectus (Mobility), and Aspero (ATV) are innovative adaptations to three existing product categories. Avvenire will make the company the most diversified electric transportation company ever. These state-of-the-art covered vehicle adaptations will also open up opportunities to expand market reach.

Each product category will be offered with two options – a deluxe and an ultimate model offering.

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We believe in constantly improving our technology. We aim to have the most advanced products offering the best value.


Our company has been in business for over twenty years. Our warranties are backed up by our dealer network. All our products will come with a full warranty, with service and parts available internationally.


We aim to have the greenest products on the market, for that reason, we have incorporated solar photovoltaic panels on all our products.
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